(FM22) The All Nations Challenge #1

Welcome back! Firstly, thank you so much for the support on the intro post, the comments, interaction and general positivity I've had has been nothing short of amazing and for that I thank each and every one of you. Anyway, soppy shit out the way let's get down to business. I've reached the end of... Continue Reading →

(FM22) Tiers of Joy #25 – The Return!

Welcome back! A new club has been found! It hasn't actually long at all, a week in fact after resigning from Blagoevgrad. When I saw the list of nations I could go to there were 2 clubs that instantly stood out for me, both I have managed at on previous FMs, so when one of... Continue Reading →

(FM22) Tiers of Joy #21 – The Return

Welcome back! Well I bet you didn't expect this did you?! That's right "Tiers of Joy" is back baby!!!! Most of you who follow the blog will more likely follow me on Twitter so you will know what's happened but for those that don't here's the story. Someone messaged me on Twitter and told me... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The Quest #8 – 2028/29 Season Review

Welcome back to the financial mess that is Bolton Wanderers, my word this is tough! Somehow though we are massively overachieving, last season, our first back in Championship was a big success, an amazing end to the season meant we ended in 15th place. This season is huge though, for many many reasons! The big... Continue Reading →

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