(FM23) ‘Everton are the worst run club in the country’ #1

These were the words of Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher, earlier this year, on Monday Night Football. Southend and Crawley fans, amongst others, would argue otherwise but regardless of where you rank their ownership in comparison to others, I think we can all agree that its been pretty shambolic! When you look at Everton you... Continue Reading →

(FM23) The kids have taken over, how good can they be? Aberdeen – 34/35 Season

Welcome back! Well it's been over a week since I finished this season and I've been dying to write a really nice, long, detailed post. Unfortunately my osteoarthritis in my hands have flared up and just typing is a real struggle. Because of this the post below will be a little bit more condensed, also,... Continue Reading →

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