(FM22) Tiers of Joy #22 – Blagoevgrad – 2040/41 Season Review

Welcome back! Well that didn't take long did it?! I'm already well into the swing and so pleased to be playing this save, especially when I never thought I would. Thank you new patch! The season is over with Pirin Blageovgrad in Bulgaria, I joined with 12 games of the regular season to go with... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The Quest #11 – 2031/32 Season Review – Athletic Bilbao

Welcome back! My first full season at Bilbao is over, it's been tough, especially in the transfer market but it's also been great fun, having to work with a smaller pool of players and also having to blood some of the younger lads into a side where everyone expects us to qualify for Europe has... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The Quest #8 – 2028/29 Season Review

Welcome back to the financial mess that is Bolton Wanderers, my word this is tough! Somehow though we are massively overachieving, last season, our first back in Championship was a big success, an amazing end to the season meant we ended in 15th place. This season is huge though, for many many reasons! The big... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The Quest #7 – Bolton 27/28 Season

Welcome back! Back to back promotions, from League Two to the Championship in two seasons, sounds amazing doesn't it? It was totally unexpected to be this far up the English pyramid this quick with a team of misfits, those players smashed it last season in League One, however the pressure is on. This team is... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The Quest #1 – A job!

Welcome back! Well here we are, my the first season is over and I'm sure you will guess, as the title suggests, I have a job! I holidayed until January 1st 2022 and then went on a job hunt, it took just over a month before an enticing offer came up and I took it!... Continue Reading →

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