The All Nations Challenge #4

Welcome back! Another season down and I have to admit I am bloody enjoying this! Last season we were so close to an unexpected promotion but unfortunately we lost in the promotion playoff, so it's a 4th season in 3.Liga for me, the expectations are still low, the board and media expect us to be... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The All Nations Challenge #3

Welcome back. Another season in Germany is over with Viktoria Berlin, last season was another decent one on the pitch, challenge-wise though it could've been better. Now is the time to kick on, financially we need to go up, let's hope I can balance the challenge and the need for a promotion push. Before I... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The All Nations Challenge #2

I always think the second season in a save is the toughest, well this one has been properly tough! Results wise it's been OK but this challenge is really really hard, especially when you go out and sign 18 different nations, most of whom are terrible!!! Before I go through which nations I've ticked off... Continue Reading →

(FM21) Quilmes #4 – 2036/37 Season Review

Here we are again! Last season's amazing 4th place finish in our first season back in the Primera Division will live long in the memory, we were expected to end in the bottom 3, we ended up qualifying for the Copa Libertadores. Now we move on to another season, expectations are still pretty low which... Continue Reading →

(FM21) Quilmes #3 – 2035/36 Season Review

Welcome back! So I tried out a different style of updating and although I enjoyed it and the feedback was mainly positive I found it really hard to do. It meant continuous updating throughout the season and it was real hard work! The old style of updating was a damn sight easier and although there... Continue Reading →

(FM21) Quilmes #1 – 2033/34 Season Review

Welcome back, so this is going to be a little bit different from me. Gone are the competition by competition season reviews, please welcome a bit more of a real time update kind of thing! So I'm now in Argentina with "the oldest club in Argentinian association football" and that club is Quilmes. I took... Continue Reading →

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