The All Nations Challenge #11

Welcome back. Last season was a huge success, 3rd in the league, an amazing run to the Champions Leagues semis and a German Cup win, I also ticked off a whole load of nations in the challenge meaning I am now just over half way to completing it. This season we don't have loads of... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #10

Welcome back. Champions League football has returned to Wolfsburg. My first full season in charge was a huge success, 4th place in the Bundesliga and a whole raft of nations ticked off in the challenge. Money though is tighter than it has been, gone are the big budgets, we have £30m to spend so we... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #9

Welcome back! A new season awaits, my first full season at Wolfsburg. Hopes are high, we are expected to end 5th, personally, with the money we have to spend (£75m) I fully expect to push the top 4. Bayern, Liepzig and Dortmund seem a step too far currently but my aim this season is to... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #8

Welcome back. Viktoria Berlin are into the Bundesliga, probably too quickly in my opinion, we have a very very tough season ahead! This post could be quite long as there is one big twist to come!! Part 1 So here we go, somehow we have to start well, we are expected to end rock bottom... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #7

Welcome back to what is probably one of the most enjoyable seasons I've had on FM for a very long time! Last time out we were so close to a shock promotion to the Bundesliga, missing out on the promotion playoff spot on the last day of the season. We also managed to tick off... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #6

Welcome back. After last seasons amazing 2.Bundesliga campaign where we ended a respectable 11th place we now need to start kicking on. Expectations are still really low but I have hope we can at least match last seasons finish. This season for me, with the extra money to spend, is all about ticking off nations.... Continue Reading →

The All Nation Challenge #5

Welcome Back! Viktoria Berlin are into the 2.Bundesliga but we're predicted to end rock rock bottom! 800-1 on the season preview. We have a very tough task ahead but financially, being in this tier, is going to massively help us out, £7.6m for ending bottom! Yeah I'll take that! Clearly though we want to stay... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #4

Welcome back! Another season down and I have to admit I am bloody enjoying this! Last season we were so close to an unexpected promotion but unfortunately we lost in the promotion playoff, so it's a 4th season in 3.Liga for me, the expectations are still low, the board and media expect us to be... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The All Nations Challenge #3

Welcome back. Another season in Germany is over with Viktoria Berlin, last season was another decent one on the pitch, challenge-wise though it could've been better. Now is the time to kick on, financially we need to go up, let's hope I can balance the challenge and the need for a promotion push. Before I... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The All Nations Challenge #2

I always think the second season in a save is the toughest, well this one has been properly tough! Results wise it's been OK but this challenge is really really hard, especially when you go out and sign 18 different nations, most of whom are terrible!!! Before I go through which nations I've ticked off... Continue Reading →

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