(FM22) The Quest #6 – Bolton 2026/27 Season Review

Welcome back! Well last season went well didn't it? An absolute demolition of League Two by my Bolton team in my first season in charge, and with that an immediate return to League One. Now we need to push on, expectations are surprisingly high for a newly promoted team, the board want top half, the... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The Quest #5 – 2025/26 Season Review – But With Who?

Welcome back! When I left you last I had just managed the unthinkable, I had gotten Dorking Wanderers into the football league, for the first time in their history. In the previous post however I said, near the end, that I felt I had taken them far enough, so if a bigger job came in... Continue Reading →

(FM22) The Quest #1 – A job!

Welcome back! Well here we are, my the first season is over and I'm sure you will guess, as the title suggests, I have a job! I holidayed until January 1st 2022 and then went on a job hunt, it took just over a month before an enticing offer came up and I took it!... Continue Reading →

(FM22) Quitting in January? Hell No

I remember an old "friend" of mine in the FM Community a few years ago telling me that nearly all FM bloggers have quit by January, I took massive exception to that and at the time it drove me to keep ploughing on through my FM20 save to see it through to the end of... Continue Reading →

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