(FM22) Tiers of Joy #21 – The Return

Welcome back! Well I bet you didn’t expect this did you?! That’s right “Tiers of Joy” is back baby!!!! Most of you who follow the blog will more likely follow me on Twitter so you will know what’s happened but for those that don’t here’s the story.

Someone messaged me on Twitter and told me how much they enjoyed this series, I was taken aback, what a nice thing to do. Then it got me thinking “I wonder if the new patch has sorted out the issue I had with adding/removing nations?”

For those that don’t know, when adding Switzerland, the nation loaded but the season did not generate a new set of fixtures nor did it add a season summary, it was like it was jammed.

So I loaded the game which I had kept for this exact instance. I did a check and hey-presto the Swiss League updated on June 20th!!! I then simmed 12 months just to check it was definitely OK and boom, the new season generated!!!!

Filled with joy I took to Twitter, what do I do now? I have the amazing Leicester save on FM Base and then I had “The Quest” which is going well on the blog, I know I can’t do 3 saves at once, so what do I do?!?!

It was clear from the reaction on Twitter that Tiers of Joy had to come back and there is no way the Leicester save is stopping, so, for now The Quest is taking a backseat.

For those that don’t remember or are seeing this for the first time then here is the premise of the challenge…..

Starting in Tier 6 the challenge is to get all the way to Tier 1 by winning the League and Cup in 2 of the 6 available nations per tier.

I had originally started this as having to win the League/Cup in 3 nations but after a long chat with those close to me I decided to take it down to 2 meaning I can spend more time at one club and build them up instead of trying to win quick.

Here are the Tiers, these are allocated dependant on the nations co-efficient.

Now a save wouldn’t be a save for me without giving myself a couple of rules, and for this version I set myself two restrictions that I haven’t done before.

  • Firstly, I can only sign players that come through on my scouting recommendations (either the scouting centre or the scouting update that comes through as a news item). Basically I CANNOT use the player search.
  • Secondly, I have to make sure I have at least 2 players in the matchday squad that have come through the club academy.

So that’s the aim of the save, now let’s take a look back quickly and see how I’ve done so far.

It all started in Latvia with FK Metta and it took me 6 seasons to eventually win the League and Cup, after that I moved to Wales with Aberystwyth Town, it took a lot less time than I expected to topple TNS, even though they actually went over 200 games unbeaten!!! Within 4 seasons I was off and on to my final Tier 6 nation and that was HJK, the Finnish side were far and above the best team in the country and it only took me 1 season to claim what was needed to move on.

That was Tier 6 complete, now to move to Tier 5 and firstly I went to Slovakian side Zlate Moravce, it did not go well! After 2 and a half seasons I jumped ship before I was sacked and moved to Polish side Jagiellonia, 3 seasons later the League and Cup was won and I moved to NK Mura in Slovenia, it took me 2 seasons to win the League and Cup, nice and easy!

And that is where I am now, it’s 2040, the journey so far has been amazing, now it’s time to find a job in Tier 4. Switzerland, Bulgaria, Israel, Greece, Norway or Sweden awaits!

My New Club

So without anymore hanging about let’s see where I will be re-joining the journey….

I’m off to Bulgaria…

With Pirin Blagoevgrad!!

Queue Wikipedia for a little bit about the club…..

Pirin Blagoevgrad are a Bulgarian club who plays in the First League (they are still there in 2040). The club is based in Blagoevgrad in the South West of the country at the foot of the Rila Mountains.

The club was founded in 2008 after a merger between Pirin 1922 and PFC Pirin Blagoevgrad.

The Stadio Hristo Botev is the clubs ground with a capacity of 7,500.

The club is nicknamed “The Eagles” which is represented in their badge and they play in green and white.

The club has never won an top domestic honour, the closest they have come is ending as runner-up in 4 Bulgarian Cup finals, in 1981, 1992, 1994 and 2009, in-game they have also ended runner-up twice more, in 2032 and 2037! So near, yet so far!!

In-game, the club has spent most of it’s time in the Second Tier but were promoted back to the First League last season.

This season the club sit in 12th place after 18 games, the league splits after 30 matches into a Championship group of 6 (1st to 6th), a “Second Phase” of 5 (7th to 11th) and a Relegation Group of 5 (12th to 16th).

It’s quite tight above us so a good run in the second part of the season and we could get into that Second Phase, the winner of that phase qualifies for the European Places Playoff.

One thing that enticed me to the club was the decent facilities they have.

Good Youth and Training Facilities and also Good Academy Coaching and Youth Recruitment. The club is known for bringing through youth players, Dimirar Berbatov was the biggest name to come through the youth academy in recent times.

So it would be nice, while I’m here to try and develop some youth players to take this club to the next level and/or they go on to bigger things with Europe’s elite.

Finance wise the club looks relatively stable. There’s £2.4m in the bank and it is only expected to drop by around £500k per season. There are is no debt but our wages are very high compared to our incomings. We spend around £52k per month on player wages but only bring in around £40k per month in TV revenue and gate receipts.

Budget wise the board have been very generous and have given me £1.4m to spend on transfers, we also have £25k per week to spend on wages (we are only spending half of that), I don’t plan on breaking the bank though, as I said before, our wage expenditure is high enough until we start bringing more money in.

Finally, the playing squad and we have a very thin first team!

However, most are highly rated and looking at the base attributes I always look for (Bravery, Determination, Natural Fitness and Work Rate) most look pretty decent.

We also have some highly rated players in our 2nd team.

So overall the future is bright.

Let’s take a closer look at 3 men who I think will be key moving forward.

23-year old Cameroon Striker Marcel Mbock looks a really good player, he is our top scorer this season with 8 in 19. He does need to improve some of his mental attributes but he looks like he could be the man to bang the goals in.

Right Winger Georgi Pavlov is one of the highest rated players in the squad and you can see why. Top top quality.

And finally there is Anton Budinov, the 24-year old Attacking Midfielder looks bloody amazing, he is going to huge for me moving forward.

So that’s it for now. I cannot wait to get going! I will be back with you at the end of the season!

Thanks for reading.


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