(FM23) Build A Nation – Part 7 – A Marquee Signing

Welcome back! Another two seasons down in Gibraltar and the progression is really ramping up, the TV deal is increasing, the clubs are now putting a small amount of that money to use and, as the title suggest, the quality of player we can entice is improving as well! 32/33 Season Once again it was... Continue Reading →

(FM23) Build A Nation – Part 6 – Show Me The Money!!!

Welcome back. Ten seasons are now over in Gibraltar and it's safe to say shit has got real, it's totally kicked off and things have started progressing a lot quicker. Domestically it's gone a bit mad, we are still dominating and slowly but surely other teams are getting better due to some sensational news. Internationally... Continue Reading →

(FM23) Build A Nation – Gibraltar – Part 3

Welcome back, two more seasons down, it's been amazing so far, I never expected to see progression this quick. We've had some amazing results, both internationally and domestically. The big thing now is to start progressing the League as a whole and to somehow qualify for a major international tournament. Can it be done? It's... Continue Reading →

(FM23) – Build A Nation – Part 1

I think it's time to return to this blogging malarky properly don't you think?! It's been a while, the last few months have been tough, I started my Nearly Men save on the SI Forum, copying it over to blog posts here and whilst the views have actually been pretty decent and I've had a... Continue Reading →

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