5 Different Challenges for FM23

Well hello there! So for FM23 I have decided to throw away the save updates and concentrate on some new content. Guides, "experiments", etc. So for my first post I thought I'd discuss some challenges that you could try on the new version of Football Manager. These aren't the normal challenges that you would hear... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #16

Welcome back! Another season down with Paderborn, last season went well, 10 nations ticked off in the challenge and a decent 6th placed finish. Time to continue ticking nations off, the pool of players though are shrinking massively, 59 left to get and all of them are outside the top 100 in the World rankings!... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #15

Welcome back to my first full season at Paderborn, a drop down in division from my time at Wolfsburg but this is the best shot I have at ticking off as many of the nations I have left. It is still going to be very tough though! Expectations are high though, the board expect a... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #14

Welcome back! So here we go, operation "find a club in 2.Bundesliga, do well, but not well enough to go up" is here! For me this is the only way I am going to have any chance to get anywhere near completing this challenge. After my sacking from Wolfsburg it became evidently clear I was... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #13

Welcome back to another season in Germany, my 4th full season with Wolfsburg. Challenge-wise this save is going amazingly but as mentioned in my last post it is about to get very difficult. 80 nations left, not a single nation in the top 80 in the World, the highest nation left is Panama. So for... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #12

Welcome back! Wolfsburg are Bundesliga Champions! I did not think I'd be saying that after only 3 seasons in charge. The last campaign was utterly amazing, title winners and my best season in the Challenge to date, 17 nations ticked off. Now the hard work begins, expectations are really high but if I want to... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #11

Welcome back. Last season was a huge success, 3rd in the league, an amazing run to the Champions Leagues semis and a German Cup win, I also ticked off a whole load of nations in the challenge meaning I am now just over half way to completing it. This season we don't have loads of... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #10

Welcome back. Champions League football has returned to Wolfsburg. My first full season in charge was a huge success, 4th place in the Bundesliga and a whole raft of nations ticked off in the challenge. Money though is tighter than it has been, gone are the big budgets, we have £30m to spend so we... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #9

Welcome back! A new season awaits, my first full season at Wolfsburg. Hopes are high, we are expected to end 5th, personally, with the money we have to spend (£75m) I fully expect to push the top 4. Bayern, Liepzig and Dortmund seem a step too far currently but my aim this season is to... Continue Reading →

The All Nations Challenge #8

Welcome back. Viktoria Berlin are into the Bundesliga, probably too quickly in my opinion, we have a very very tough season ahead! This post could be quite long as there is one big twist to come!! Part 1 So here we go, somehow we have to start well, we are expected to end rock bottom... Continue Reading →

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